Butikskonsult creates concepts, develops and refines existing concepts – and offers interior design solutions for everything from shop-in-shop and specific departments to complete stores in the areas of service, FMCG and retail.

Many people engage us to supply both products and services. This entails us assuming responsibility for everything from the original idea, concept and store design to the production of fittings, logistics and assembly. Others turn to us seeking functional interior design, to supplement their existing fittings or to enlist help in realizing their own ideas. All are equally welcome!


A well thought-out store concept should reflect the company’s business concept and brand – and inspire the customer to purchase.
We believe in close cooperation with the customer and like to join the process as early as possible. This ensures the best possible conditions for generating a concept that is well thought-out with regard to everything from layout and design to the selection of materials and product exposure.
When we visit you, we will discuss your needs and return to present a proposal in the form of a concept description and 3D drawings.


Is it time to further develop an existing concept? This may involve complementary additions, creating new spaces or making way for new product categories. We bring experience, knowledge and solutions – and are accustomed to working according to strict specifications.

Please contact us and we will book an appointment with you to discuss your needs and wishes. We will then present a proposal in the form of a floor plan or 3D drawings.


Our own product development department has a thorough knowledge of materials and production – and very long antennae when it comes to trends and new opportunities.
Materials, such as various types of metals, plastics, textiles and sheet materials are purchased from selected suppliers around the world who share our vision of quality. To a large extent, machining and assembly carried out at Butikskonsult’s own workshop. In this way, we maintain full control over the process and quality alike.

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Through our direct contact with manufacturers around the world, we can offer a wide range of high-quality products.
We buy both customer-specific products and products of our own design, for which production is adapted in cooperation with our partners to achieve the best possible results. Experience shows that the long-term relationships that we build, benefit you as the customer in terms of, for example, delivery times and price.

To achieve continuous improvement, we expose both local and long-distance partners to competition and select the plant best suited for each specific project.


We have freelancers around the country who specialize in the installation of shop fittings from Butikskonsult. They also know how important it is to keep to the schedule – and to maintain a high level of quality in their work.

Naturally, we arrange courses for the continued training of our fitters. Equally naturally, they have the necessary insurance policies, certificates, and permits for in-store installation and construction work.


Would you prefer to lease fittings rather than buying them? We can offer favorable leases of 12-60 months. Contact your sales representative at Butikskonsult to find out more.


We base our work on a needs-oriented model and, based on the premises’ circumstances, develop proposals for the layout of the store. Naturally, we take the customer’s route through the store into account from the outset to make optimal use of the space, and we draw in functional fittings and exposure adapted to the product range.



As a complete supplier of shop fittings, we offer both a wide standard range, as well as specially designed store fittings. In addition, we have everything else imaginable that might be needed to create an environment that generates sales: from floorings, wall coverings and furniture to lighting and equipment.

Our warehouse is located in Kumla, in central Sweden, and from there we can deliver to customers far and wide within a day.


Different types of sign frames, label holders and moldings for pricing, shelf-edge strips, solutions for the display of campaign products. These are few examples of products available in our catalog. And if we do not have what you are looking for, naturally we can develop it for you.


The right equipment, suited to the operations, is easy to use and fits into a small space. We will help you create a successful fast food concept with everything from the machines you need for food preparation and fittings to the environment you seek to create around your concept.


Agripo is a range of products for the handling of potatoes and other root vegetables – from the grower to the consumer in the store. It has been designed to create an ergonomic solution for personnel and profitable business for the store. Agripo is used in all major supermarket chains in Sweden.


Stylish and durable wall and floor materials, lighting and furniture for everything from fast food outlets to cafés or restaurants

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