Service Kiosk

We are experts when it comes to the service kiosk – with 35 years of experience, we can help you whether in assortment changes, strengthen the brand by shop fitting or customer flow and area optimization.

The service kiosk is complex in its design, it is very many products and services that will come together in a small space while customers have high demands on service levels and agility. You have customers who want everything from retrieving packages, place bets or grab something to eat. Integrating fast food and not least a cozy cafe is increasingly common as well. You can also buy the equipment to your fast food section from us. Whether it is a soft ice cream machine, sausage module or cooling. We have what you are looking for.

Disk line plays an important role in the customer experience in the store and the staff’s daily work. Our flexible disks are designed with respect to ergonomics, function and design. They create a strong foundation in terms of function, where you and your staff can meet your customers in a professional and efficient manner. Our counter series consists of a variety of disk options and accessories for you to be able to create a disk line to suit your store best.