Butikskonsult creates concepts and attractive interior designs for everything from shop-in-shop and specific departments to complete stores. Always with the goal of achieving pleasurable shopping in inspiring environments and increasing the client’s profitability.


… from concept and planning to the delivery of attractive, functional store environments that generate sales. With good service and high quality from start to finish, our aim is to take our customers on a comfortable journey to a profitable store.

Welcome to one of Sweden’s leading and most experienced players in the planning, development and fitting of retail environments!


Butikskonsult started business in 1983. At that time, there were plenty of kiosks where customers stood outside and ordered their goods through a hole in the wall.

Our specialty was to develop such kiosks into small stores. We literally sawed out a bigger hole in the wall, allowing the customer to enter. The number of small stores grew and former kiosk owners gained the opportunity to develop their businesses.

IN 1990, DURING AN exhibition focusing on retail, we were awarded first prize in the competition for the best stand designed as a shop. That generated a good deal of attention. You could say that was what got the ball rolling. This accelerated further when soccer betting service Tipstjänst shortly thereafter introduce data terminals at their agents throughout the country. We were entrusted with supplying writing counters and terminal desks for the country’s approximately 3,000 Tipstjänst agents. Many stores also took the opportunity to rethink their front-of-store layouts. In quick succession, ATG, ICA and Coop also became customers and our operations grew further. In 2011, we took a major step in the development of the company, hiring ten new employees on the same day.

Today, Butikskonsult one of Sweden’s leading players in the planning, development and fitting of stores. We are located in Kumla, in central Sweden. We employ about 60 people and generate sales of slightly more than SEK 140 million annually.


We work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), thereby assuming responsibility for our role in society with regard to social, ethical and environmental aspects.
Butikskonsult seeks to achieve a high level of efficiency in its consumption of energy and natural resources, to promote systems for the recovery and recycling of materials and to work to prevent contamination and all types of work-related sickness or injury. Alongside our suppliers, we seek long-term profitability and transparent financial reporting that includes aspects of CSR. Together with our suppliers, we are developing our goods and services to always be produced under conditions that comply with:
– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (see
– Article 32 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (see
– The ten principles of the UN Global Compact (see
– The ILO’s eight core conventions, numbers 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138, and 182 (see


By conducting operations with the least possible impact on the environment, Butikskonsult contributes to sustainable development. The environmental policy applies to all of the company’s operations, regardless of whether they are conducted by our own employees, suppliers, transport companies or partners. We shall encourage customers and users of our products to comply with our environmental policy and generate opportunities for them to do so.

Butikskonsult AB views environmental work, characterized by a long-term, holistic approach, as a prerequisite for achieving the company’s objectives. We consider society’s demands, in terms of laws and regulations, as minimum requirements.

The environmental policy is to be implemented by means of an environmental program comprising overarching environmental targets and a plan of action including targets, activities and measures to ensure the achievement of the targets. The environmental program is to be reviewed annually.


The company ascribes to an approach leading to long-term sustainable development in its operations.
The purpose of Butikskonsult’s work on quality is to ensure that our customers receive products that have been made to the agreed specifications and that any complaints are dealt with quickly and professionally.
Quality assurance is achieved by following up on complaints and internal scrapping and returns. The targets are followed up on a monthly basis and revised annually.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact Susanne Pettersson, Quality Developer, by e-mail at:, or by phone at: +46 (0)19-689 45 40.

Har du frågor? Välkommen att kontakta Susanne Pettersson, Kvalitetsutvecklare, via e-post: eller telefon 019-689 45 40.

Organization & board


Butikskonsult’s corporate culture is pervaded by a successful entrepreneurial and professional spirit that focuses on the customer. The company is in a growth phase, both in terms of its turnover and its growing labor force. The operations are dynamic and well organized and guided by a broad management team with leading-edge expertise in each specific area.

Butikskonsult’s organization consists of a board of directors and a management team, which is responsible for the company’s various departments and employees.

Between 2005 and 2012, Butikskonsult underwent rapid expansion and has since focused on consolidation, particularly on establishing a strong organization and clear processes. The company has also implemented a new business system and moved to a new 5,000 m2 facility in Kumla with excellent opportunities for further expansion. In 2013, the company acquired Agripo AB in Bankeryd.
Following the period of consolidation, the company again finds itself in a phase of expansion, thanks to favorable organic growth and the acquisitions made in 2013.


Fredric Jansson, Owner & Managing Director
Carolina Johnson CFO
Mats Jonsson, Vice Managing Director
Maria Tjäder, Head of Purchasing
Johan Forsberg, Strategic Materials and Product Supply

Marlene Engström, Executive Assistant


The Board of Directors consists of the company’s CEO and owner, Fredric Jansson; Chairman, Dennis Dicksen and Board Member Mikael Johansson.

Dennis Dicksen, Chairman of the Board
Dennis has a law degree from Uppsala University and has since 1999 been working on some of the largest law firms in Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro. He became a lawyer in 2004 and partner at the law firm Lindahl 2015. Dennis is legal and business advisor to companies and organizations in many different industries with both private and public ownership. Dennis works with general business law, specializing in real estate law, dispute resolution and processes. He teaches regularly in areas such tenancy and construction law and is co-author of Hyresmanualen (The Rental Guide). He also has a number of board assignments, primarily owner-managed businesses.

Mikael Johansson, Board Member
With a BSc degree from Örebro University, Mikael is CEO of Örebro Hockey and former chairman of the Consto AB construction group and board member of the Exact MCG Group. He has previously served as CEO of Gunnebo Fastening, CEO of Tools Mitt, Sales and Marketing Manager for Lantmännen Maskin and CFO for the three, previously listed companies, Handskmakar’n, Ims Data and Spray.

Fredric Jansson, Board Member
Owner and Managing Director of Butikskonsult AB. Son of founders Ann and Jan Jansson. Has worked in various positions in the company since 1996. CEO since in 2005.
Training in business law, finance and marketing. Certified Board Member. (Swedish Code of Corporate Governance) Recognized for his entrepreneurship and nominated as the Most Enterprising Person in the County of Örebro by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in 2014. Participant in the Prince Daniel Fellowship Award mentoring program in 2013-2015. Mentor: Kenneth Bengtsson.